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About Us is part of a Christian Network Enterprise which consists of many websites that are designed to provide Christians around the world with access to resources that help them to establish and promote their businesses, career, enrich their social and personal life, learn new things, or just stay connected with the Christian community. has been launched as a subsidiary of

The idea for was born when we felt the necessity of our Korean Christian singles to connect with each other or Christian of other nationalities and backgrounds. We've found that people of other cultures, races and nationalities are fascinated and intrigued by Asian culture and are looking for a Korean wife or husband.

We've created a website using the latest technology dating service with great communication and search tools, so that these singles can easily access Korean or singles of Korean background from any country - be it Korea, China, Japan, Canada, Russia, or USA. This dating service is available in English, however to join this website one is required to be Korean speaking single or understand Korean language and culture.

This is a Christian dating service for Christian singles of all Christian denomination. We trust that our members abide by the Bible teachings, do not engage into dating for fun, but for the purpose of marriage.

Our goal is to provide a dating service for singles of Faith who are ready for a committed relationship.

We help our members in their search by offering a dating site for singles with the same ultimate goal in their personal life.

Our entire Christian Network Enterprise is 100% Christian, including ownership, management and employees. We do not own or link to any non-Christian organizations or websites.

Our members satisfaction is our first priority and we allocate sufficient resources to help in a times manner to all inquiries. We try to keep our membership prices lower than other dating services of this caliber.

We strive to make your search fun and easy and always welcome our members suggestions and prayers.